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How to Find Affordable Health Insurance in the State of Washington

Washington State Affordable Health InsuranceHealth insurance offered by the state of Washington is called Basic Health and is for low-income Washington residents with family income not exceeding 200% of Federal Income Guidelines (FIG).

This program is for people 19-64 who do not qualify for either Medicaid or Medicare programs. The Washington Health Program has two plans, Health 75 or Health 100. This program is not for individuals or families on Medicaid, Medicare or Basic Health programs. Cost of premiums depends on age, place of residence, ages of covered family members, and benefit amounts chosen.

Medicaid provides full medical coverage for low-income families with children under 19, elderly, disabled, and pregnant women. Income limits determine the amount of benefits received. A family of four, for example, with annual income not exceeding $46,104 would be eligible for free health insurance. Elderly adults and adults who are not disabled qualify for Medicaid if their income is 70% or less than the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Washington Apple Health for Kids is a state program offering health insurance for children under 19 in low-income families.

Medicare Savings Program provides premium payment assistance to those receiving Medicare. In order to qualify for this benefit, three plans are available with income guidelines for each. The three programs are Qualified Beneficiary Program, Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary and Qualified Individual Program. Some programs even pay deductibles and co-payments.

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