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How to Find Affordable Health Insurance in the State of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Affordable Health InsuranceMedical and healthcare services are provided to citizens of Puerto Rico through the Puerto Rico Health Reform, a government Medicaid program managed by the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration.

Until 1994, hospitals and clinics in Puerto Rico were owned by the government. They were then sold to private companies and investors, with the exception of the Rio Piedras Medical Center.

Healthcare coverage is provided through private health insurance companies; the government of PuertoRico bargains for the best insurances rates for its citizens. Three large insurance companies are part of the Puerto Rico health Reform: Triple-S, Inc., Medical Card Systems, and Humana. However, less than 35% of healthcare costs are covered by the low premiums paid by Puerto Rico residents, leaving the state government to subsidize the rest. This is an increasing government concern in view of rising medical costs.

Federal funding of Puerto Rico's Medicaid program totals $9 billion with disbursements from 2011 through 2019. A recent payment from Puerto Rico Health Reform to Medical Card Systems has averted a collapse of the Medicaid system.

The U.S. Government's recent Affordable Care Act includes $6.3 billion in additional funding for Medicaid benefits in Puerto Rico and territories. In addition, if Puerto Rico creates optional health care exchanges, they can receive subsidies of $925 million for low income Puerto Rican families who buy health insurance from the exchanges.

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