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How to Find Affordable Health Insurance in the State of Maine

Maine Affordable Health InsuranceMaine Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for managing health care insurance and assistance programs for low-income families in Maine.

MaineCare is the state's Medicaid program made possible with both state and federal funds. It is specifically for the elderly (65 or over), blind and disabled with low incomes. Income guidelines can be found through the Department of Health and Human Services; they are different for each state.

Individuals can also get help for Medicare through State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIP), a free service that provides valuable information on what Medicare programs are available, such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage, MaineCare, Medigap and other programs which supplement Louisiana's Medicare.

Children under 18 and pregnant women may receive medical insurance for hospital services, prescriptions, doctor visits, prenatal care, under MainCare's CubCare insurance program. Income guidelines apply, and in most cases there is no charge for premiums. Children with ongoing illnesses can apply for assistance through Maine's Children With Special Health Needs Program.

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