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Here's our list of the top affordable health insurance experts and consultants in the country:

Rich Umbdenstock Rich Umbdenstock is the president and CEO of the American Hospital Association (AHA), the national advocate for 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks and other providers of care. Founded in the year 1898, AHA provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends. For more details, visit

Karen Ignagni Karen Ignagni is the president and CEO of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). In that role, she is the voice of health insurance plans, representing members that provide health care, long-term care, dental and disability benefits to more than 200 million Americans. She is a long-time advocate of affordable health insurance in the United States. For more details, visit

Anthony MunroeAnthony E. Munroe is president of Advocate Trinity Hospital and was recently named one of the Top 25 minority healthcare executives in the United States by Modern Healthcare Magazine. He was also internationally honored as the Robert S. Hudgens national award recipient Healthcare Executive of the Year in 2003 by the American College of Healthcare Executives and as one of the Modern Healthcare and Witt / Kieffer Up & Comers. For more details, visit

Len Nichols Len Nichols is a health economist and policy analyst that directs the Health Policy Program at the New America Foundation. Before joining New America, Dr. Nichols was the Vice President of the Center for Studying Health System Change, a Principal Research Associate at the Urban Institute, and the Senior Advisor for Health Policy at the Office of Management and Budget during the Clinton reform efforts of 1993-94. For more details, visit

Patti Rose Dr. Patti Rose is an energetic, dynamic and highly sought after national and international speaker who has given keynote addresses, conference presentations and workshops at venues such as the American Public Health Association (APHA), International Health Conferences, and many national college, university, hospital, community health center and other settings. For more details, contact her at

Nancy H. Nielsen Dr. Nancy H. Nielsen became the 163rd president of the American Medical Association (AMA) in June 2008. Dr. Nielsen was speaker of the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) from 2003 to 2007 and vice speaker for the three preceding years. She is clinical professor of medicine and senior associate dean for medical education at State University of New York (SUNY), and is a supporter of universal affordable health insurance. For more details, visit

Paul Ginsburg Paul Ginsburg is president of the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC). Founded in 1995 by Dr. Ginsburg, HSC conducts research to inform policymakers and other audiences about changes in organization of financing and delivery of care and their effects on people. He is particularly known for his understanding of health care markets and health care costs. For more details, visit

Leanne Kaiser Carlson Leanne Kaiser Carlson is one of the most visible and influential futurists in the United States. She is the co-founder of the Kaiser Institute, a place of exploration and support for innovators building the future. She chairs the grants committee of the VHA Foundation which is funding innovation across healthcare—from organizations as large as the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, to an array of small and rural organizations. For more details, visit

Ilene Simmons Ilene Simmons is the founder of Wilbert B. Simmons Memorial Foundation in Germanton, North Carolina. She has self-published a booklet to educate the public about the healthcare crisis in America. “So Your Spouse is Terminal'' is an in-depth look at the subject of healthcare and information on how to protect yourself when a medical disaster strikes the family. For more details, visit

Edward O'Connor Dr. Edward O’Connor is a Professor of Management and Health Administration at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center. He has authored more than 150 research articles, book chapters, papers and technical documents. He has conducted research on a diversity of topics including hospital-physician relations, entrepreneurship, team development, and healthcare leadership. For more details, visit

Ezekiel Emanuel Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel is bioethicist, author and speaker who is at the forefront of U.S. healthcare issues. He has has written three books and edited several others, including The Ends of Human Life: Medical Ethics in a Liberal Polity, No Margin, No Mission: Health Care Organizations and the Quest for Ethical Excellence, and Healthcare, Guaranteed: A Simple, Secure Solution for America. For more details, visit


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