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Affordable Health Insurance NetworkWelcome to the Affordable Health Insurance Network! We are a small non-partisan organization comprised of researchers, journalists, and contributors that supply and document relevant content about health care. Because we believe that many are either uninformed or misinformed, our goal is to educate insured and uninsured Americans about how to obtain reasonable coverage, how to avoid the scams, and how to stay in-the-know.

Our goal is to help you find an affordable health insurance plan!

Based in several different areas, our organization is the only one of its kind. We are not a healthcare company, nor a publication; We are simply a content network with the mission of bringing valuable information to the forefront that is otherwise buried in some obscure area that people will never see.

Our motivation comes from the nationwide conversation and debate about universal health care. As always, politicians will make their promises but usually come up short of delivering an actual solution to the problem. Our concept is to encourage American citizens to find the solution themselves, instead of depending on the federal government to do it. Granted, there is some cooperation from the government that is needed for that to happen. Despite that, finding and obtaining affordable health insurance starts with individuals taking the time to research and fully understand what choices they have.


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